FAQ – Traffic Tickets

What options do I have if I get a ticket?

Look at your ticket. Your options are based on the written information on your ticket and your circumstances involved.

What options do I have to solve my ticket problem?

You have 3 options:


  • Plead “Guilty” out of court and pay your fine by credit card over the phone. The fine amount is written on your ticket. You will automatically have a conviction on your driving record.


  • Plead “Guilty” but make submissions at a court office about the fine amount and the time to pay it. You will have a conviction on your driving record registered.


  • File a request for a trial and not plead guilty. Defend your driving record and driving insurance premiums against demerit points and convictions by yourself in court or by paralegal representation.

How much time do I have to decide on my options ?

For a certificate of offence, also called a traffic ticket, you have 15 days from the date of the offence, written at the top of your ticket. Filing within the prescribed 15 days, protects your legislated rights. However, if your past the 15 days, an experienced legal services provider can file your ticket for trial up to 30 days from the date of the offence.

How do I file for a trial?

You have 15 days to file for a trial; in some jurisdictions your options permit you to mail in your request for a trial date. The vast majority of jurisdictions require you to personally attend at a court office to fill out the form requesting a trial date. CAREFULLY review the information and/or instructions that are on the front and back of the ticket.

 What are the consequences to paying the fine?

You are admitting guilt by paying the fine on the ticket. A conviction, along with any associated demerit points, will be registered on your driving record. It is possible that your auto insurance premium will be increased upon its renewal.

Can I get the ticket and fine dismissed or reduced to a lower charge?

It is possible, but your best choice is starting with a legal services provider with a proven record of court experience. Legal expertise is your best choice for having the charge(s) dismissed or reduced.

How do I begin?

Develop your strategy for your defense or ask for professional help. Contact TrafficTicket.legal; with your input, we will craft a trial strategy for a solid trial defense.

Can I admit guilt without harming my driving record?

Yes, with advise. Your representation will resolve your individual situation, save you money, and protect your driving record and insurance costs. Our representatives are knowledgeable regarding the various plea resolutions available, which provide non-reportable conclusions.

Do I have to attend?

No, your paralegal representation attends on your behalf.

Will my paralegal request a trial date for my traffic ticket hearing?

Yes, your legal representation will attend on your behalf to secure your hearing date.

 If I’m from out of town, can you still represent me?

Yes, we can.

Life doesn’t always go as our schedules have planned for. If you can not attend, TrafficTicket.legal will either bring a Motion to request a new date, or appear at trial to request a new date be granted due to unforeseen circumstances.