At TrafficTicket.legal we are a team of independent professionally licensed paralegals, criminal lawyer and personal injury lawyer, and respected members of the Law Society of Upper Canada with fifteen years experience. We are traffic ticket experts. When we defend you to protect your driving record we want you to know the facts. With vigor and the highest level of professionalism we will fight your speeding tickets, suspended license, racing and stunt driving tickets, careless driving, DUI and impaired driving charges, car accident personal injury claims , tort claims and insurance offenses with your individual needs in mind.

Our satisfied customers include drivers issued with speeding tickets, careless driving, racing and stunt driving, moving violations, DUI (drinking & driving) charges, driving under suspension, red light or stop sign tickets and tickets for insurance violations.

Our customer service is based on a personal approach and our clients’ satisfaction. We provide representation for complex cases and appeals in Toronto and throughout the GTA and Ontario. There is no cookie-cutter approach when it comes to fighting your traffic ticket.

Why fight your traffic ticket?

The number one reason to fight your traffic ticket is to protect your good driving record by avoiding costly insurance increases that have a huge negative impact on you for the long-term.

Even a simple red light or stop sign ticket can result in unexpected and uncontrolled long-term costs to you, should you decide not to fight your traffic ticket. Your insurance company will be informed of your convictions and demerit points on your driving record, and because of it your insurance company will increase your rates or cancel your policy.


Consequences of Demerit Points

Most traffic offences include demerit points. Often two (2) minor traffic offences will act as one major traffic offence in the eyes of many insurance companies and serious penalties can arise when demerit points are allowed to accumulate. Your license can be suspended for 60 days if you have 9 demerit points in Ontario. With six (6) demerit points you will be required to attend a ministry inspection that reviews your driving record and requires that you make a case for your license not to be suspended.

We help resolve your traffic ticket problems

When fines from traffic tickets are not paid your licence can be suspended. In fact, there are a number of reasons that your license can be suspended, they are:

  • Failing to pay a fine
  • Any violation of a G1 or G2 drivers licence
  • Too many demerit points
  • Fail to pay family support payments
  • Driving under suspension
  • Breathalyzer reading over .50mg
  • Speeding more than 50km/h
  • Court order to suspend your licence
  • Medical suspension
  • Racing and stunt driving

Here is what to expect when you call us for advice

Your first step is to give us a call, we will offer you a free on the phone consultation so we can discuss the details of your issue at hand: 416-835-7411

We come to you! We are the only professional service that will meet you at your home or office on the same day. We will review the ticket and gather the necessary documents and signatures right away to begin the process.

You can come to our office at 2 Triburnham Place Toronto, Ontario M9C-3P4. Bring your ticket and we will review it immediately, we’ll collect all the necessary documents and signatures needed to begin the process.

Our company provides representation for complex cases and appeals in the Ontario Courts. We will order the officer’s notes, conduct a thorough investigation, do the legal research and prepare your case for trial. If there are legal arguments to be filed, they are usually done at no extra charge to you. We will appear in court for you. In most cases you will not have to appear in court. After your case is finished we will give you a written report summarizing your court case.